I offer individual counseling services for teens and adults. I provide holistic care, tending to the mind, body and spirit as I believe they are all interconnected and can affect each other. I believe that emotions are our teachers, and that processing and honoring all our emotions can help us uncover what they are telling us about ourselves. My focuses are grief, trauma, life transitions, depression, and anxiety, though I am open to working with people that experience any type of mental health issue.

 I believe that unprocessed trauma is often at the root of many mental health symptoms, and that processing and integrating that trauma is a large part of the work on the path towards healing. Often times, one may develop coping mechanisms that helped them survive or make it through traumatic experiences, there is no shame in this; I believe this shows the human spirits ability to protect itself. At some point, one may feel that their coping strategies no longer serve them. I am here to assist you in gaining self-awareness, finding inner resources, and learning new strategies that work best for you. I believe in the innate wisdom and resilience in every person and view my role as a counselor as one that guides and supports others in accessing that power within themselves. I am here to support you on your journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and living your most authentic life.

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